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About Us

DevUp Global is a professionally managed healthcare policy-advocacy consulting firm that works across disciplines to see HEALTH not only as an outcome of global and national  policies, but also a product of actions at an individual's level. 

What We Do

What We do

Health Advocacy and Diplomacy 



Moving a public health issue onto the policy agenda and through the policy making process requires a well-planned strategic advocacy. Depending upon the needs and requirements of the project, we design advocacy solutions by assessing political, policy, structural and regulatory developments, thereby guiding the policy discourse from the formulation to implementation phase using various tools of policy advocacy. 

Our key focus areas:

  • Assessing policy and political landscapes 

  • Building partnerships 

  • Collaborate with key influencers, stakeholders and policy champions 

  • Policy communications

  • Design policy campaigns 

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Regulatory Affairs

We support and shape business strategies by amalgamating solutions with the government's vision and patient outcomes while assuring a robust business approach.

We support regulatory affairs for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and health technology, nutrition and food safety.  

Capacity Building and Social-behavior change communication



We support clients and stakeholders in designing tool kits to support capacity building and socio-behavioral analysis in health and related areas with an objective to influence attitudes, behaviors and practices to positively impact adoption of policy interventions and services. We also design tools for interventions, setting behavioral communication models, convene workshops and develop materials and guidance documents using core principles of socio-behavioral change models. 


Our Products:

  • Advocacy tool kits

  • Social and behavioral change tool kits and guidance documents


Ongoing projects

Bleed Equal.png

Bleed Equal

A platform initiated and supported by DevUp Global to promote menstruation (and menstrual
health) beyond the socially created idea of femininity and womanhood. Aimed towards
menstruation normalization, it transcends across the gender spectrum encompassing everyone who bleeds.
The scope of work ranges from strategy building, content creation in form of tool kits, social media
strategy (and campaigns) and shaping discourse by building partnerships with stakeholders ranging from students, NGOs and corporate sector.

Ongoing Projects
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