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Towards sustainable health systems

We are a team of health policy professionals committed to an inter-disciplinary approach to problems facing health systems.

We Believe

The evolution of  pathogens and their interaction with technologies, socio-political and demographic changes is often highly active, interdependent, non-linear and context-specific. This points to the need for a more complex and dynamic perspective while resolving health issues. 

While most of it is contextualized within the ambit of Sustainable Development Goals as well as the national development agendas; onus lies on the specific stakeholder groups to design such solutions that brings coherence to the national and global development outcomes. 


Our Vision

Building intersectional approach to help achieve SDG3



India ranks 145th out of 195 countries in terms of healthcare accessibility.


What We Specialize In

Health Advocacy

Assessing political, policy, structural and regulatory developments, we guide the policy discourse from the formulation to implementation phase.

Global Health Diplomacy

Successful policy outcomes are dependent on stakeholder negotiations at global and national levels. We support the process by using tools for awareness generation, strategic guidance and policy negotiations. 

Regulatory Affairs

Shaping business strategies amalgamating with the government's vision and patient outcomes while assuring a robust business approach.

Capacity Building and Behavior Change Communications

Shaping health outcomes by influencing attitudes, perceptions, and practices using tailored interventions in inform of capacity building programs, tool kits, informative videos, documentaries, short films.

Our Methodology

Assess Gaps

Define Objectives and Strategic Tools

Reflective Observations

Active Engagement
and Research

Assessing Policy, Political and Regulatory Landscape

Build - Evidences and Partnerships

Why Us?

Strategic Thinking

With an ability to assess health from an inter-disciplinary lens, we deliver sustainable health and policy solutions as required to survive and thrive in a competitive, dynamic health environment. 

Global reach with local roots

Our team of experts and advisors are working in global contexts (in emerging as well as developed economies) that allows us to develop local solutions embedded in global health frameworks and processes. 

Healthcare Expertise

Our team of health experts trained in public health, policy and diplomacy helps us deliver customized solutions for policy advocacy, implementation, strategic guidance and related processes. 

Interdisciplinary knowledge-Practical expertise

We strive to bring interdisciplinary solutions leveraging team strength with backgrounds in medicine, public health and public policy, niche disease areas, strategic communications, law and social sciences.

Our Inner Circle

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Together, we can accelerate our response to the most critical issues facing public health.

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